Transportation, Traffic, and Safety Coatings (ICTTSC 2019) Congress is a two-day international event organized by Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic) with the collaboration of Iranian Color Society. The goal of the congress is to provide a global platform for researchers and engineers coming from academia and industry to present their research results and activities in the field of fundamental and interdisciplinary research of coatings science and technology.
We hope you can enjoy the congress sessions and all the activities outside the scientific sessions.


           Prof. A. Motamedi                                                           Associate Prof. A.A. Sabbagh Alvani

President of AUT, Congress Chairman                                     ICS President, Executive Congress Manager

About Organizers

The Iranian Color Society (ICS) is an established organization with a renewed mission. In 2010, the organization took the name ICS in recognition of its new identity as an association that represents both companies and professionals working in the paint and coatings industry.

ICS is a voluntary, nonprofit organization working to advance the needs of the paint and coatings industry and the professionals who work in it. Through the advocacy of the industry and its positions on legislative, regulatory, and judicial issues at the federal, state and local levels, it acts as an effective ally ensuring that the industry is represented and fairly considered. The association also devotes itself to advancing industry efforts with regard to focus on advancements in science and technology through its technical conferences and journals, as well as online training opportunities. In addition, ICS offers essential business information to members through its publications, surveys, and business programs.

An Executive Committee and Board of Directors set policy for and govern the association. Officers for the association include Chairperson of the Board and Vice-Chairperson/Treasurer who are elected to serve two-year terms. ICS staff members hold the positions of President and Secretary of the association.

ICS consists of some 30 professionals focused on serving association members in the following areas: health and safety, environmental affairs, government affairs, conferences and events, professional development, and communications.

By continuing its efforts as an ally and advocate for the industry, providing industry professionals with opportunities for professional development, and offering valuable resources to members and others in the industry, ICS is working to ensure the vitality and stability of the paint and coatings industry for years to come.

Currently, Sabbagh Alvani, Associate Professor of AUT, is president of the society.

Event Venue


The Amirkabir University of Technology is one of the oldest higher education technical and engineering institutes in Iran. Throughout many years and especially after the Islamic Revolution AUT has offered continuous service and has achieved many educational and research goals. AUT expanded it's size and quality to the point that it is presently referred to as "Iran’s pioneer in industrial universities”. With a background of more than 60  years of brilliance, AUT has been able to acquire a leading status among  Iranian universities

Department Information

Department of Polymer Eng. and Color Tech. of Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polythecniqe) is the oldest higher education center all over the country. Nowadays, the department is involved in teaching and research in two Polymer Industry and Color Science and Technology majors in undergraduate level, four Polymer Industry, Nano Technology, Polymerization Process Eng., and Color Industry majors in master level, and two Polymer Industry and Color Industry in doctorate level. More than 3000, 800 and 150 students have graduated with undergraduate, master and Ph.D. degree, respectively. Related centers with polymer and color engineering are growing around the day, hence, the department has a vital role in country development.

About Tehran

Although Tehran is not Iran, without this great metropolis, which is the focal point of Iran’s transportation network and the center in which more than 40% of the nation’s economic activities take place, it would not be possible to fully comprehend the ever-changing Iran. Tehran is the mirror of Iran. Those who inhabit this young metropolis have come from around the country with different beliefs, cultures, languages, and lifestyles and live in a national and international context together. It can be noted that modern societies take form in large cities, and therefore, Iran’s future is being formed in Tehran.

 Iran is a complicated and mysterious country and Tehran is more so. Activities, population, and cultures have shaped a new and ever-changing logic upon which people relate to one another without prior familiarity. This phenomenon, despite being problematic, expands and facilitates innovations and creativity.